There are a wide range of door lock enhancements for motorhomes and caravans. Some of which may also be used for campervans, however, if you’re looking for additional locks for your campervan it is worth looking at locks designed for commercial vans. These are designed to withstand high force entry attempts

There are three main types of commercial van locks.

Deadlocks/Hooklocks – just like deadlocks on houses, you use a key to lock these from outside which provides an extra layer of protection alongside the standard factory system. These type of deadlocks drive a straight bolt or hook bolt into the internal chassis structure of the van, which you lock and unlock at your own leisure with the keyset provided.

Slamlocks – these still utilise the vans factory central locking system, removing the use of the external door handle and instead, replaced with an aftermarket lock barrel which you use the key for to then open the door. Once the door is shut, the slamlock locks automatically when the door is closed (hence the name slamlock)

They do have their downsides as they do pose the risk of you accidentally locking your keys in the van, which is expensive to put right. These are usually installed on delivery and courier vans, aiding them in locking the doors for them, rather than them forgetting to lock the van whilst walking to complete a delivery and having someone steal things from the vans unlocked load area.

They also do not offer the same amount of protection that deadlocks do in terms of resistance to break ins.

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