Fiat Scudo 2022> External Shield/Repair Plates


Break-ins often occur as a result of the door skin being punctured to gain access to the internal mechanisms that open the door. The Fiat Scudo 2022> External Shield/Repair Plate is door-specific, and acts as a visual deterrent to reduce the risk of this method of attack. It can also be used as a cover up plate for damage caused by this method of attack.

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All provided quotes are for the standard S SERIES kits and are providing the vehicle/s are brought to us in Tamworth for the installation.
An additional cost of £35 will be added to all quotes for bookings that require a mobile install within 35 miles of our location
(if you are further than our 35 mile radius, please call for an accurate price)
We require a £50 deposit to secure the booking for business protection purposes.

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