You’ve come to the right place if its a Ford Transit / Transit Custom you require securing, we carry out installations on these day in day out, purely because of them being the number one van for being targeted as they have so many weak areas that criminals know of to force entry.

The basic package would just be to install L4V high position side and rear hook deadlocks to the load area doors.

These come in at £330 + vat supplied and fitted,
or £300 each when booked in with 3 or more vans.

The most common and best value for money package is detailed below.

MVS Ford Standard Security Package – this package combats almost all of the commonly used forced entry methods criminals are currently using to gain access to these vans without a key or fob and without the alarm going off when they attack the van.

This package consists of :

  • L4V side and rear door high position hook deadlocks
  • L4V upgraded drivers door barrel
  • L4V NS sliding door external latch shield
  • L4V rear barn door external latch shield
  • L4V NS sliding door high position anti peel kit

Individually, these products total £930 + vat to supply and fit however as a package, we install the above for £785 + vat supplied and fitted , saving you a good chunk when compared to the standard cost each product is to supply and fit above. The commonly used methods to force entry are attempted via 👇

  • The stock drivers door barrel using a screwdriver, mole grips or drilling.
  • Puncturing/creating a 20mm hole at the rear of the NS sliding door and on the rear OS barn door to gain access to the inside latch mechanisms
  • Peeling/bending the top of the sliding door down to create an opening to get in and out with your belongings.

All of the locks will be keyed alike as standard:

  • X3 Keys Supplied 
  • Rust Protection applied to all bare metal 
  • 1 / 3 years manufacturer warranty included * / ** *

S series kits:

  • 1 year warranty (this is the kit quoted for as standard) **

T series kits:

  • 3 year warranty (these kits are an extra £50 + vat over the S series kits, T series kits also come with a better quality dimpled keyset, please specify if you wish to opt for the T series upon booking)

We can also install additional security measures such as:

  • Loom Protection Guards 
  • Cab Door Deadlocks 
  • Internal Latch Shielding 
  • Rear Door Anti Peel Kits 
  • Thatcham Approved Category 2 Immobilisers

Please call us for more information or if you have any other security requirements. Please let us know your thoughts moving forward.

Thank you for your time.