Common Attacks & Protection Solutions For Your Vehicle

This page is to raise awareness about how extremely vulnerable many makes and models of van are, current and common areas of vulnerability, and the correct measures to implement in order to reduce the chance of being targeted and increase the robustness of the vans security system.

Door Drilling (spiking)

This is pretty much the most common method used by criminals to gain entry which we see on a daily basis and is responsible for around 70 percent of all van break in events.

Door Spike attacks are now the most common method of attack we see. Door panels have been made thinner by vehicle manufacturers to save weight and meet vehicle emissions standards, however the consequence of this is that vans are now easier to break into.

The internal handle on any van is designed to open even when the door is locked, for safety reasons, should someone get trapped in the back. The thieves drill the door from the outside, as close to the opposing latch area as possible, or at the internal handle and pull the cable to open the door.