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A van is broken into approximately every 26 seconds in the UK. Choosing to upgrade your vehicles security helps fight back against attackers by creating a deterrent. This will ultimately make their attempt a much harder, louder and difficult process.

A van with added security is much less likely to be targeted compared to a van with no added security as an attacker wants a fast, quiet and easy break in. Attackers in most cases will proceed to find the easiest van to target in as little time as possible.

We work hard everyday helping to protect people and prevent this happening. We customise our offerings based on specific needs, and our installs are completed with top quality workmanship using leading industry products. You can be sure that our expert installers will cut no corners and provide you with a quality install every time. Please check out our Facebook page to keep up with what we are up to and browse hundreds of pictures of our installations.

If you are interested in booking your vehicle in or simply want some advice or a free quote, please submit an enquiry using the contact form or give us a call using the call button on the website.

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